Beat for Buckshot

Around 2002, I was hanging out with Shucky Duck, Duck Down Record’s tour manager at the time. He was a cool dude and invited my manager and me to come to the studio where some “artists” were coming through. I don’t remember which studio it was in New York City, but it was one of the popular ones during the 90’s. Shucky told me to sit in the receptionist area and play my beat CD so when artists came in, they could hear them.

The roster of artists I met that night was pretty overwhelming. One after another, the following artists came through the door – Buckshot, Illanoyz, Sean Price, The Representativz, The Heatmakerz, Cuban Link and Psycho Les (of the Beatnuts).

Buckshot was sitting down next to me arguing with what I assume was a female friend on the phone. I’ll never forget when he said “If you wanna be a hoe, then that’s fine just be a hoe.” Anyways, after his conversation he was sitting their listening to the beats I was playing. When “Not for You” came on, he turned to me and said “this you? I really like this, this is dope” and wrote some lines in his notepad.

Needless to say, I never did get to produce a track for Buckshot. But maybe if things went down slightly different, he would have recorded over this one.