Chawky White Live

Chawky White - The ILLZ and Ill Tal

Pictured above you’ll see myself and The ILLZ rocking on stage at the Webster Hall Studio this last Thursday. We performed a 3-song set consisting of all-new material from the Chawky White project.

The party was supposed to be 90’s Hip-Hop themed; however, the DJ slowly morphed his playlist from vintage Biggie to current dancehall reggage (?!). This drastically shifted the crowd to a non Hip-Hop audience. To make matters slightly worse, Curren$y happened to be performing upstairs at the same time as us. This took a sizeable chunk out of our audience. Never-the-less, we still rocked it and got paid. For some more pictures of the show, check out IllTalBeats on Facebook. More Chawky White coming soon!