Diggin’ 4/07

Diggin' 4/07

After getting a haircut, I decided to hit up my local record store (pictured above). I bought my first record here when I was 12 years old. Nothing cooler than your mom taking you to go buy records. (Parliament‘s “Clones of Dr. Funkenstein” incase you were wondering). The store is actually owned by a 3rd generation cousin so I always get the super hook-up on prices.

Just to give you some insight into the store, there are thousands of LP’s, 45’s and 12 inch singles. At this point, many of the shelves in the store are no longer accessible and it takes a lot of climbing and maneuvering to get around. In the end I dropped $175 for a huge stack but it was well worth it. Below are some of the records I copped…

  • Jimmy McGriffStump Juice
  • Graham Central StationMirror
  • Hubert LawsLand of Passion
  • CymandeS/T
  • Gino VannelliPowerful People
  • Black SheepFlavor of the Month 12 inch
  • ATCQCheck the Rhime 12 inch