Diz Gibran & Shawn Chrystopher – Sound Of Da Police

Hope everyone had a good New Year! I’m proud to say that IllTal.com is now a year old! The first post of 2013 is a funny one. While googling “prod Ill Tal” I came across a song I didn’t recognize – Sound of da Police (RMX).

In late 2009, Dru Ha – head of Duck Down Records posted a link to a contest on his Twitter feed. In order to promote the upcoming release of the KRS-One/Buckshot album Survival Skills, Duck Down was going to release a mix tape entitled Survival Kit. The mixtape was supposed to be one side of Black Moon remakes and one side of KRS-One/Boogie Down Productions remakes. I submitted the 8 instrumentals they requested for the contest and waited and waited and waited…

The Survival Skills album eventually dropped and I never heard anything about the mixtape. I hit up Dru Ha on Twitter about the contest but never received a response. I assumed they didn’t get enough contest submissions and the project was scrapped.

So 3 years later I find out that the mixtape was in fact released and posted to quite a few music blogs. Luckily, I received production credit. Turns out one of the MC’s on the track, Shawn Chrystopher is actually pretty well known now. His debut album is set to be produced by Timbaland.

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