Duplicate Breaks


Two weeks ago I copped this LP by Limousine hoping it had some dope breaks. It did have a really dope drum break; however, it was one I already owned. No, I didn’t already own the LP and forgot, instead I owned this one. Turns out the song “Raise Your Voice” was re-released as the song “Freedom” by Faith.

I’m not sure on the story here, but Limousine was released in 1972 on GSF Records. The line up is David Barnes, David Bennett, John Cascella, Mark Cawley, and Carl Storie. The cover looks like a typical stoner 70’s rock group and the back has the group standing above a subway entrance. Faith on the other hand seems to be a Christian rock group and was released in 1973 on Brown Bag Records.

A few of the other tracks on the Limousine album appear on Faith but for the most part, they are different. Maybe the group had some type of divine intervention and decided to change ways? In any event, if you are digging for drum breaks don’t be fooled into buying both LP’s. This was the first time I saw Limousine so you’re probably better off copping Faith.