E.S.G. Sued by E.S.G.


Normally when I write about a music-related law suit, it’s a publisher/content owner suing a rapper over a sample. In this case, it’s 1 sister suing 2 others.

E.S.G, the funk/punk band from the South Bronx is the subject of a current lawsuit. Why should you know E.S.G.? They are known for the cut “UFO” which has been sampled to death. Deborah Scroggins is suing her sisters Valerie and Renee for 10 million dollars (maybe she knows Lord Finesse?) According to her lawsuit, she helped write many of the hits Valerie and Renee have been performing and licensing for years. The sisters claim she had nothing to do with the song writing and was simply a compensated performer during live performances.

The judge dismissed the case and refferred to mediation. Hopefully they can work out their differences before Deborah or all sisters start suing rappers instead.