Facebook Limits Your Page Reach, Again….

Facebook - Y U No Show Posts?

Last week Facebook announced that it would be making changes to their secret algorithm again. This time, they stated they will be limiting the amount of brand-page posts that appear on users’ timelines. For anyone that already has a Facebook Page, you know how challenging it is to accomplish a decent amount of views.

Facebook said that after researching, they found most users think the ads are annoying and overly promotional, so they will begin hiding them from your timeline, unless of course you pay to “boost” the post. The types of posts that will be hidden include anything asking a user to make a purchase, downloading an app, or re-using ad content. It’s also worth pointing out that Facebook has banned incentivized posts altogether – i.e. “like this post for a chance to win a free t-shirt“.

So what does that mean for your artist page? It means you’re going to have to either get more creative with your posts or start paying for your fans to see them. For those looking for extra tips, check out this article I wrote a while back.

There have been some other changes since I wrote the article, so check out these tips as well…

1. Don’t Post YouTube Videos – Facebook wants to keep your traffic on their site. They initially launched an embedded player for YouTube, but they’ve taken it one step further. Facebook actually prefers you to upload the video directly to them instead of posting a YouTube link. If you want your video to seen by your fans without paying, upload the video.

2. Connect with Instagram – My Instagram posts are some of the highest viewed posts within Facebook, especially the videos. For whatever reason (well actually FB owns Instagram so we know the reason) posts that come directly from IG are viewed at a much higher rate. For example, some recent beat videos I posted reached between 250-450 users out of my 1,100+ fan base. In comparison, my text posts including a link only reached 50-100.

3. Try to Avoid External Links – This is the hardest hurdle to overcome, but posts that contain a link are immediately deemed “advertisements” and they will never reach users’ timelines.

Overall, you’re going to have to get more creative (and visual) with your Facebook content. Either that, or start paying $20 a post…