Ill Tal – Don’t Be a Crab [instrumental]

New beat up! Have a feeling this will be a polarizing beat, some people will love it, others will think it’s weird/corny, but w/e, that’s what making beats is all about. Took a chance on a still sealed, strange looking children’s record for this one. One side was traditional sing along garbage, but the other side was full of weird synths and interludes. One of the interludes was about a baby crab and it’s mother. I flipped it for the beat and added some tambourines and drums. Check it out and don’t be a crab!

2 thoughts on “Ill Tal – Don’t Be a Crab [instrumental]”

  1. This beat is straight heat.Very,very creative.
    Is it possible to give me a hint or the name of the song of where this comes from?
    I would like to dig and find this record for my weird shit crate section.

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