iLLustrious – The Worst Summer [prod. Ill Tal]

Check out the new album from iLLustrious Music Group featuring “The Worst Summer” (Track 07) produced by myself. The track was originally off a mix tape over a Jhene Aiko beat. Rapper MeRCY hit me up and asked if I could make an original beat for it. Normally, I don’t go the custom beat route, but sometimes being pushed outside your comfort zone has good results.

I downloaded the accapella and started messing around with some drums. Once I had that down, I decided to pull out the Rhodes and play some chords. Added Arp String ensemble, Clavinet, guitar, and Moog and it started coming together. Sent a demo version to MeRCY and he was really digging it, so I decided to wrap it up but adding a thick bassline and the drops for the verses.

Go check it out!