Italian Funk

Who said Italians can’t be funky!? Before we were going to the Jersey Shore to fist pump, we were dropping some dope music in the form of soundtracks, disco, and funk. Adriano Celentano is a famous Italian singer/song writer who has sold over 150 million albums since his career started in the 1960’s. I’ll be honest, I never heard of him till I picked up this compilation of “Greatest Italian Hits” from 1976. The odd thing about this album is that it’s a Mexican pressing, with all the titles listed in Spanish, not Italian. The entire album is generic Italian ballad music, except for the last song on side-b “L’unica Chance” or “The Only Oppurtunity”.

L’unica Chance” starts with a groovy baseline and slowly layers in funky wah-wah guitar and organ. The song keeps building with dope vocals and a guitar solo towards the end. Listen to the entire cut while throwing up a middle finger to the Olive Garden.