Joe Budden Arrested


I was one of the lucky (or unlucky) fans that went to the sold-out Slaughterhouse performance at Best Buy Theater in New York City March 29th. As most of the internets know by now, Joe Budden was arrested while entering the venue because of a 5 year old “failure to appear in court” warrant. Honestly, the show was missing a dynamic without Joe Budden. Don’t get me wrong, Royce the 5’9, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I all did their thing but it wasn’t the same.

Also, the opening acts for Slaughterhouse did not match the vibe of the crowd at all. The first act was eh… but the second act was pretty much boo’d the entire set. I don’t understand why you would bring on some “crunk” Hip-Hop act before Slaughterhouse. Anyways… hopefully I get to see all 4 members of Slaughterhouse perform soon.