Al Jarreau – Kissing my Love

Bill Withers is an amazing artist and his short career spawned a lot of hits. Aside from being super-talented, he is also an amazing person. He actually gave up his music career (pretty much at the height of it) to be a family man. I highly recommend the documentary “Still Bill” if you haven’t watched.

Every crate digger is already familiar with his sampled works “Kissing my Love“, “Use Me“, “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Grandma’s Hands“. So what can be better than that? Cover versions of all of them by Al Jarreau. The album “Lonely town, Lonely street” is a full LP of Bill Withers covers. They don’t exactly do justice to the originals, but they all do contain the same breaks as the Withers versions.

Kissing My Love” contains a super-long drum break in the intro ready to be looped and chopped to your enjoyment. If you can find this album, I highly recommend picking it up. Check it out.