Looking for Beats?

Below are beat snippets available for lease or exclusive rights. Prices are shown in the “description” of the beat currently playing. Once you’ve selected a beat, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit the request form. Ill Tal will respond within 48 hours with more details.

As a reminder, below is what is included in each type of package:

  • Exclusive Rights – Once beat is sold, can no longer be sold to other artists. Includes fully mixed 2-track WAVE file and each individual track (multi-track/stems) for mixing.
  • Lease Rights – Beat can be sold to multiple artists. Includes fully mixed 2-track MP3 file.

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: – There are several discounts available to artists. If you fall into any of the below categories, you may qualify to receive beats at lower prices:

  • Purchasing multiple beats
  • Artist has received blog coverage for previous projects
  • Sizable social media following
  • Using beat for a single/video
  • Beat will feature known artist

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