Milk – Spam (featuring Ad Rock)

Hip-Hop lost an icon earlier this week – Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys. The Beastie Boys are responsible for giving Def Jam commercial success, merging Hip-Hop and Rock, and giving a lane to white rappers. The face of hip-hop would not appear as it does today without this legendary group.

To pay tribute, I decided to post up a slightly rare Beastie Boy-related cut by artist Milk. Milk is actually MC Milk D from Audio Two of “Top Billin’” fame. Milk tried to make a comeback in the early 90’s and dropped an EP titled “Never Dated“. Milk’s voice didn’t carry over well to the 90’s and most of the LP does sound ironically – dated.

The track “Spam” features Beastie Boys member Ad Rock. Unfortunately, the song does not feature the late/great MCA.

For the bonus trivia point, Milk is actually MC Lyte’s brother. If you listen to their voices and rhyme styles you can definitely tell they are related.