Now Born Click

“Once you heard Wu, outta the blue, now your family’s from Shaolin…” – Ghostface Killa

If you were outside of the New York area in 1995 when these lines were said by Ghost, you probably have no idea what he was talking about. If you were in the area, you might have some idea. Aside from Wu-Tang affiliated groups like Sunz of Man or Killarmy, a bunch of Staten Island rappers started name dropping “Shaolin” in the mid-90’s. The underground was flooded with 12-inch singles featuring Wu-Tang inspired music and styles. Now Born Click was one of those groups.

I don’t have much info on Now Born Click, other than there were 3 members and they were from a section of Staten Island known as New Brighton (next to Wu-Tang’s Stapleton). They have a few singles, this being the first – “Now Born Soldiers (Remix)“. Check out some rare Staten Island Hip-Hop from 1995. No production credits, but the beat uses the same sample as Busta Rhymes “Everything Remains Raw“.