Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Ill Style Live

Back in the day when people still bought music, record labels released some pretty interesting promotional albums. One of the better promotional albums was Ill Style Live by Elektra East/West Records released in 1995. The album featured live performances by the Elektra label roster includng Juggaknotz, Deda Baby Pa, Supernatural, Das EFX, and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

ODB was arguably the most popular artist on Elektra at the time and got a full 22 minute set, taking up 1 full side of an LP. Not enough can be said about his set – it’s classic Ol’ Dirty Bastard. ODB complains about being interrupted during sex to perform, devils sabotaging his music, and general craziness. My personal favorite rant is when he starts to complain the DJ is messing up his set. He’s soon cut off and told “yo, that’s Pete Rock…“. He quickly changes his tune and gives props to Pete Rock, who was also on Elektra at the time.

The set consists of a lengthy freestyle featuring Buddha Monk and 60 Second Assassin, followed by “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and “Brooklyn Zoo“. Listen long enough and you’ll even hear some singing, which for a bunch of rappers, isn’t half bad. Check it out for glimpse into what an Ol’ Dirty performance was like.