Onyx – Cold Case Files Volume 2

Onyx - Cold Case Files Volume 2

Move back mutha phuckaz, the Onyx is here! I just copped this new compilation of previously unreleased Onyx songs from the mid-90’s. Volume 2 of the Cold Case Files picks up right where the last volume left off. The sound quality is much better than the first and the rarity of the tracks is even deeper. The album only costs $6.66 and all proceeds actually go to Onyx. You can purchase here. Below is an in-depth review, track by track.

  1. Set it Str8 – Dope cut with a classic 90’s feel. Sounds like it dropped right before Onyx’s 3rd album. High quality.
  2. Kidz from Queens – One of the dopest cuts on the album. From the “All We Got Iz Us” era.
  3. Bring It – Low quality. The track sounds like a failed attempt to re-create “Slam“. Besides being mediocre, they probably had trouble clearing the very well-known sample.
  4. Hi-Hoe – Classic old school Onyx.
  5. Crime Stories – Another track from the 3rd album era. Really dope. High quality.
  6. Punk Motherfukaz – Full song version of the interlude from “All We Got Iz Us“. Low quality.
  7. To All Ya’ll Crews, Whatever – Classic Onyx track. Low quality.
  8. Anything Goes – Extremely dope cut about Onyx’s live shows. Most likely was cut due to a Beatles bassline sample.
  9. Give It All You Got – One of the weaker songs on the album. A cheesy commercial attempt over Keni Burke’s “Risin’ to the Top“.
  10. Flip Dat Shit The price of the album is worth this track alone. Yes, the quality is low but it features verses from Naughty by Nature and Biggie Smalls AKA Notorious BIG. This track was an outtake from the “Who’s the Man?” soundtrack.
  11. Pussy on the Regular – Lazy track, from after the Onyx glory days.
  12. Take That – Full version of the interlude from “Shut Em Down”.
  13. Raze It Up – Alternate version of their single.
  14. Love of Money ’96 – So dope!
  15. We Comin’ Thru Ya’ll – Alternate version.
  16. Walk in New York – Demo version of the classic, totally different beat.