Rare Earth Discography Complete!

Rare Earth Discography Complete

For those who follow me on Instagram, you know about my quest for all Rare Earth (the label, not the band) albums. Well the quest is finally over! (sort of…) I’ve 99% completed all of the US releases – no re-issues! I’m only missing The Generation Soundtrack which I’ve feverishly been looking for, but to no avail. It’s what record collectors refer to as a holy grail. I’ll find it one day, but in the mean time, I’m chalking this up as a complete discography.

For those unfamiliar with Rare Earth, get familiar! There are plenty of drum breaks and dope pysch samples to go around in the catalog. The catalog even features a pre-famous Meatloaf! Distributed through Motown, it was Berry Gordy’s answer to the Rock/Folk/Blue Eyed Soul also popular at the time. Outside of the actual group Rare Earth, it didn’t have much success and only lasted a few years.

Here are some notable tracks that you might recognize…

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  1. Damn, Tal ,well done. Yo got a question, I passed on that Magic lp a while ago. How is that ish. I’ve been killing myself for not getting it and can’t find sound clips anywhere.

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