Super B-Boy Breaks

It’s been a LONG time since I put together a sample mix (2003 to be exact) so I decided to get back at it and drop Super B-Boy Breaks. I was tired of hearing the same old set lists of “Apache” and “It’s Just Begun” so I put together a mix of dope and less known cuts perfect to break to. You’ll hear 13+ minutes of funk, rock, and disco – heavy on the bongos, horns, and percussion. What you WON’T hear is James Brown, Incredible Bongo Band, Jimmy Castor, 80’s electro, or anything you’d hear on America’s Best Dance Crew.

What most people forget is, that the “break” in break beats refers to tracks b-boys could dance to. The whole foundation of “diggin’ in the crates” originated from trying to find cuts to dance to, not to rap over. Somewhere in the mid-80’s the art of digging for b-boy music got lost in the shuffle of electro. This mix pays homage to searching for that next dope b-boy cut. So break out some cardboard, do a windmill, and enjoy!