Larry Page Orchestra – Rampage

Larry Page was a British singer, producer, manager, and head of a record label (woah!) His claim to fame is producing The Troggs hit “Wild Thing” and also doing work with The Kinks. He is also credited with giving a young Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin some exposure.

Page released several soulful solo albums throughout the 70’s under his own name and the Larry Page Orchestra. His 1977 album Erotic Soul was released on his own label – Penny Farthing Records, which was distributed by London Records. The album is a mix of soul and disco. It contains the oft-sampled cut “Rampage“.

The cut was sampled by the following artists:

Dilated PeoplesUnder the Sun (prod. Evidence / Babu)
Kool G Rap100 Rounds
Infamous MobbMore Hoes Than Hefner

Unfortunately, I had trouble locating the production credits for Kool G and Infamous Mobb. Regardless, check out the Larry Page cut to see how it was flipped 3 different ways.

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Infamous Mobb - Born Again (Alchemist)

Once again, The Alchmist samples Jose Luis Rodriguez for another cut – this time for Infamous Mobb – “Born Again”. For more info on Jose Luis Rodriguez, check out this earlier post. This time he used a later album (Deuño de Nada) from 1982. Check it out.

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