Mysterme – Unsolved Mysterme

Mysterme was a Puerto Rican underground rapper from the Bronx, NYC. He wasn’t the most well-known but his single “Unsolved Mysterme” had a really dope beat with a sampled hook from Lord Finesse.

The irony of “Unsolved Mysterme” is that their are several versions of the song/12-inch. The version pictured above was released in 1993 and features “Version 1” and “Version 2” with slightly different beats. I also have a white lable version of the single, but the versions are the same as the Gee Street release. But, there is ANOTHER version with different (better) lyrics that was released in 1992. I’ve had trouble tracking that one down. The only evidence I have of it’s existance is it’s inclusion on some old cassette mix tape I found. Regardless, enjoy this golden era cut.