Won’t buy an album? Buy this instead…

Broken Record

I read a recent article about rap artist Apathy speaking out against so-called fans and their support of music. Apathy basically pointed out that way too many people feel music should be free and done “for the love“. I agree with him and he made a really great argument. People are willing to buy a few drinks – something that it is pissed out the same night – but claim $10.00 for an album is too much.

This really got me thinking. In the spirit of Apathy, I decided to make a list of similiary priced items that people buy on a constant basis. You have no problem buying these items, so what about music?

  • • A pack of double-A batteries
  • • 2 coffees from Starbucks
  • • 3 gallons of gas
  • • A burrito from Chipotle (with Guacamole)
  • • 2 to 3 beers
  • • Entrance to a small club/lounge
  • • 1 mixed drink
  • • 5star Notebook
  • • 1.5 packs of cigarettes
  • • iPhone case
  • • A pack of white t-shirts
  • • 1 month of Netflix
  • • A bottle of Tylenol
  • • USB stick
  • • a pizza
  • • phone charger
  • • A pack of socks
  • • A comic book
  • • A movie ticket
  • • make up
  • • 1 Gillette Razor
  • • 2 Fast food value meals

*Note – All prices were based on where I live close to New York City. Your dollar may stretch a little further depending where you live.

The next time you pick up one of these items, remember – you could be buying an album that will outlast any of the above.