Carl Roe – Ones and Zeroes

Carl Roe - Ones and Zeroes

Check out the new album by Seattle emcee Carl RoeOnes and Zeroes featuring 2 tracks produced by Ill Tal!

I first met Carl Roe when I dropped Trapped in the 90’s and he hit me up for some boom bap beats. Ironically, I ended up sending him nothing remotely close to 90’s beats and he recorded the single/video “Bruja“.

About a year later, I posted a video clip of a new beat on Instagram and he hit me up about 90 seconds later asking if he could buy it lol. A few days after, he sent me the rough mix down of what would become the intro to Ones and Zeroes.

Both of the tracks – “Bruja” and “Ones and Zeroes” appear on the album (tracks 1 and 3). Check out the stream below or purchase on Itunes | Amazon. Support real hip-hop!

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Facebook: CarlRoe
Soundcloud: CarlRoe