Chawky White feat. The ILLZ – Turpentine Weed

This is the video for the first official Chawky White track I produced featuring The ILLZ.

The first question you probably have is, wtf is Turpentine Weed. It actually is a real plant, peep wikipedia if you don’t believe me. But that’s not where the name came from… I have a habit of naming my beats after something that has to do with the original sample (so I can remember). I thought the sample was from Stanley Turrentine, so I named the beat Turpentine (paint thinner if you don’t know). It’s actually a different Jazz artist with the first name Stanley, but he shall rename nameless for now. Anyways, Illz thought the name was cool, googled it and found out about the plant with a similiar name and the song was born.