Interview: Funkmaster Wiz

While songs about drug use and lyrics meant to shock audiences are common place today, in the early 1980’s they were unheard of. Enter emcee Funkmaster Wiz, best known for his single “Crack it Up / Can’t You Take a Hint“. While the average hip-hop listener may have never heard of him, he paved the way for generations of rappers like Tyler the Creator, Bizarre of D12, DMX, Onyx, and countless others.

I was lucky enough to interview the pioneer himself and fill in some missing pieces of early Hip-Hop history. Topics covered include how he got signed to Tuff City, the inspiration (and reaction) to “Crack it Up“, being incarcerated, trying to get at Funkmaster Flex, and his relationship with Aaron Fuchs.

The interview clocks in at a little over 30 minutes so it’s a long listen, but it’s definitely worth it to anyone who is interested in the early days of hip-hop. One of the most important takeaways from the convo is how many of the early artists were taken advantage of and despite being pioneers, have almost nothing to show for it. Although the interview can be a little depressing at times, Funkmaster Wiz is forever the Optimist (prime).

For those who want to learn more about the Funkmaster, get in contact, or just get familiar with his music, check the links below.

Radio Show:
Twitter: @FunkMasterWiz
Shahada Lockett