Joey Bada$$ disses O.T. Genasis

Joey Bada$$ disses O.T. Genasis

I’m not one to hype up Twitter beef or get into some TMZ gossip, but I felt I needed to call attention to this one. Last night, the sad news came that the cop who shot and killed an unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson would not face any criminal charges. This elicited several responses, especially from Hip-Hop artists, like Q-Tip, who went as far as joining fellow protesters in New York City’s Times Square.

While he didn’t take it to the streets, Brooklyn-native Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter to say how he felt about the situation. One of his most powerful tweets was this one – “We need more black revolutionaries less OT genesis’…. The music plays a heavy part in all of this. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW“. With over 2,000 re-tweets, it’s clear a lot of people agreed with him.

For those that don’t know, O.T. Genasis has been blowing up radio and the internets with his single “Coco“, which is your basic trap-esque anthem about selling cocaine. The video comes complete with a table full of flour and stacks of fake money as he proclaims “I got baking soda!“.

So why is this news-worthy? Well, it’s about time a talented artist had some balls to call out a garbage artist and realizing the impact this type of music has on the community. Hopefully the tweet doesn’t escalate into to violence between the two and I REALLY hope we don’t get an apology later today/deleted tweet.

I skimmed through the comments of the “Coco” video and a lot of people defend the song by saying “it’s catchy“. So was “Who Let the Dogs Out” but no one is going to argue how great they are, are they?