Magictones – Good Old Music

Most diggers are familiar with the drum breaks on both Funkadelic and Parliament’s version of “Good Old Music“. However, you may not be aware of the version by The Magictones.

The Magictones were a soul group on Westbound records (the same label as Funkadelic). Two members of the group – Tyrone Barkley and Calvin Stephenson would later become members of a more known soul act, Undisputed Truth. Before they moved on to bigger and better things, they released a few singles in the late 60’s on Westbound. One of those singles contained a b-side of “Good Old Music“.

Basically, the Magictones are singing over an instrumental version of the Funkadelic song. I’m not sure if it’s the exact version or an alternate take. Some of the guitars do sound a little different. Like the original, the intro contains a nice, long drum break. It differs from the Funkadelic version, in that the clap/snap is much louder and you can’t really hear the vocals in the background. George Clinton is credited as the writer and the producer.

If you’re looking for some new drums, check it out.