Underrated - Nashiem Myrick


Ever hear someone say “Nashiem Myrick is my favorite producer“? Didn’t think so. However, there really isn’t a logical explanation as to why no one ever says that. This month’s edition of Underrated focuses on hip-hop producer Nashiem Myrick.

Myrick is best known for his work with Puff Daddy / P. Diddy and being a member of the Bad Boy collective The Hitmen. I searched the internets looking for some more detailed info on Myrick but I was shocked that I barely found anything. He only has a few hundred followers on Twitter which is a sad state of affairs for someone responsible for many hits.

Why should you care who he is? Peep some of his production credits:

Notorious BIGWho Shot Ya?
Mary J. BligeEveryday it Rains
NasSmall World

How come he didn’t get as much shine? One can assume it was Puff. Similar to Easy Mo Bee, Puff was known for keeping his production team on a leash. Diddy wanted to protect his assets and it only makes sense that he controlled the types of placements (and money) Nashiem Myrick was getting. Aside from that, Nashiem Myrick isn’t exactly the most catchy producer name ever. It makes him sound more like a song writer than a hardcore hip-hop producer. Finally, there was most likely a lot of “ghost-producing” going on in the Bad Boy camp. I wouldn’t be surprised if several of Puffy’s “hits” were actually produced by Nashiem Myrick.

We may never know the truth of why Nashiem didn’t take off, but he definitely deserves Hip-Hop’s respect.