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When you have vintage gear that’s older than you, things tends to break and wear out. Luckily, places like VintageVibe exist to make parts that haven’t been in production since the 70’s. After purchasing plenty of tips, tines, and various screws, the good people at VV checked out some of my videos on Instagram to see what I’ve been making using their parts. I was surprised when they reached out to ask if they can use some of my music as a soundtrack to an upcoming repair video. I happily agreed and the above video is the result.

For those not familiar, Vintage Vibe specializes in parts (and repair) for Rhodes & Wurlitzer electric pianos, as well as Clavinets (plus they are located in Jersey like myself). They also make “new” electric pianos/clavs based on the original designs/sounds of the above. The video features the time lapsed installation of the tone bars on their Vintage Vibe Electric Piano, set to one of my recent instrumentals. The beat features my Rhodes and Moog Sub 37 for the weird background noise.

If you dig vintage gear, make sure to check out VintageVibe and follow them on social media:

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