Wu-Tang is for the Children!

Ol’ Dirty (RIP) couldn’t have been more right when he uttered those famous words while interrupting the Grammy’s in 1998 (way before Kanye and Taylor Swift). 15 years later, it looks like Wu-Tang is trying to appeal to the children again. This morning, I checked my soundcloud and was shocked to see “Royals (Remix)” by Raekwon. For those unfamiliar with the original, it’s a song by Lorde, some teenage girl from New Zealand singing over a slow, minimal 808 drum beat.

WTF Wu-Tang!? What happened to hoodies, spiked bats and kung-fu? I don’t know why I’m shocked. Rae did that awful remix with Justin Beiber a year ago. Plus the recent support of Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” and a rumored remix featuring the Clan. The song should have been titled “Pootie Tang Forever“…

I’m not mad at Wu-Tang; I don’t pay their bills and I don’t know their financial situations. But I am disappointed. The “W” used to stand for something and set the trends. Now it seems like they are the ones chasing the trends. This is the same crew that dropped “Triumph” as their lead a single – a 5:40 minute song, with no hook and minimalist production.

If you want/need the money, then just say it. What I have a problem with is hiding behind the statement “we’re trying to appeal to a new audience“. Really? Are Beiber/Lorde/Drake fans going to run out and buy (or should I say illegally download) Enter the 36 or OB4CL? Are they going to buy tickets to your shows? Or how about the reverse? Am I going to go cop a new Drake album now cause he’s down with Wu? Cmon… I feel like Wu-Tang is catering to the same people who wear Run-DMC shirts cause it’s cool but can’t name 1 song by Run-DMC besides “Walk this Way” or “It’s Tricky“.

Wu-Tang, you’re better than this. Just keep making dope hip-hop and stop trying to crossover.