Amon Duul II – I Can’t Wait

Been a MINUTE since I posted up a sample. Sorry for the delay – as you’ve seen from my recent posts been quite busy with my own music lol. I decided to kick this one off with a hard drum break from German group Amon Duul II.

The original lineup (known as Amon Duul 1) was formed at a German political art commune. There were several members of the group, so they weeded out a few and came up with Amon Duul II. Amon was a combination of Prog Rock, Experimental Rock, and Krautrock. Throughout their 12 year musical career, they began shifting from their experimental roots to a more organized Prog sound.

I Can’t Wait” is from their 1975 release Hijack released on Atlantic. Surprisingly, the vocals are in English not German. Regardless, the intro to the track contains a monster drum break. The snare drums have a cool flange effect on them, but the rest drums are touch. Check it out.