George Kerr – If This World Were Mine

Why am I posting up a mediocre cover of a Marvin Gaye classic? Because George Kerr deserves some credit. He’s not the best known artist amongst soul and sample fans, but he’s done more for Hip-Hop than you probably realize.

Kerr hails from New Jersey and is responsible for producing some of Hip-Hop’s favorite breaks including The WhatnautsWhy Can’t People Be Colors To?” and The Skull SnapsIt’s a New Day“. He worked with several other (sampled) artists such as The Manhattans, The Escorts, Linda Jones, and the O’Jays. Later on, he worked with Sylvia Robinson of Sugar Hill Records and produced several of their Hip-Hop/Electro singles.

If This World Were Mine” is off his debut album from 1970. This version of the song is… well… 8 minutes too long. George only sings for about 2 minutes. The rest of the song is some woman making really sexual noises begging him to “not kiss her” but eventually asks him to at the end of the song. This may not be the best work by Kerr, but give it a listen and then research some of his production work.