Houseguests – What So Never The Dance

I know most of my followers are used to me posting breaks or my new music, but I decided to switch it up and try something new. This time, I’m focusing on a rare piece of wax from inside my crates – Houseguests “What So Never The Dance Pt. 1 and Pt. 2“.

For those that don’t know, the Houseguests were comprised of mostly dudes that just left James Brown‘s backing band including Bootsy Collins, his brother Catfish, Clayton Gunnells, Frank “Kash” Waddy, and a few others. Some of the band would later join George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic thang, and eventually become Bootsy’s Rubber Band.

This single was released in 1971 on a small indy imprint in Cincinnati, Ohio – Houseguests Records. The band recorded a second single on the same label the following year. By that time, Bootsy had met up with George and was working on Funkadelic’s America Eats It’s Young.

The song is pretty well known as it’s appeared on several compilations, BUT not the version I uploaded. It’s a full 1 minute longer than the comp version and also a mono mix. Admittedly, the comped version does sound better but you get to hear the raw funk (and a little sloppy playing during a break down) that you miss out on in the compilation version.

It should be noted, there was an alternate version of this 45 released credited to “Houseguess“. I think that is the rarer of the two. Either way, enjoy some raw funk!